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e-mobility, ride sharing platform
Idea to MVP

The need for e-mobility in big cities and the diminution of CO2 emissions, sparked the idea of creating a platform for electric vehicles sharing.

We helped them develop a MVP, providing features as renting a vehicle without human intervention and the need of a key.


Electronic devices service and order management with time tracking per service step
Product Development

We developed for upvolt a service management system for electronic devices that can be used to track the repair workflow from start to finish. Because they need a transition time from the previous system, we integrated features with the existing system, while offering new and improved functionalities.


Project management platform, complete with teams and tasks, offering functionalities as the big names in this field
Product Development

Big companies with a lot of employees find sometime that it’s cheaper and easier to create a custom platform that integrates with other software they use, than to pay a monthly fee for an online platform. That’s why for Marelvi we built a full fledged a project management system.


Custom ERP for car dealers
Product Development

Everything a car dealer needs in one ERP. Our client wanted to digitalize every aspect of his buissiness. From acquisition, transport, selling, document generation, GDPR management to sales reporting and client management.


Product Development

When you are the second biggest company in the country in commercializing refurbished second hand electronics, you need software that can help you in the day to day workflow, from automatic price estimation, to acquisition and resell.

Web design / e-commerce


e-commerce / web-design / Magento

Development of a new e-coomerce shop based on Magento. 


e-commerce / web-design / Woocommerce

Online store built using custom templates for each type of eco product.


web design

Medical clinic website refresh. Custom theme and design, with modern User interface style.


web design / e-commerce / Woocommerce

E-commerce online store for selling mobile devices.


e-commerce / web design / Woocommerce

E-commerce online store for selling healthy, no sugar sweets.

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