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Online store made and built using custom templates for each type of product. The website template can be adapted to the requirements of any type of store. With a clear and at the same time modern design, this type of site surprises with a pleasant mode to combine images with the text.

Also, due to its flexibility, the online store displays the products in a way that is as visible as possible, with right text, prices and actions that are easy to understand for any type of users, even if they are specialized or not.

The varied color palette and the choice of representative images is a strong point for this example to have a strong impact on potential customers, who at first glance will get an idea of product quality through the first contact the customer has with the website and implicitly with the store.



  • php
  • javascript
  • wordpress
  • woocommerce


  • Web design
  • woocommerce customization
  • WordPress theme design

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